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‘They speed like it’s a highway’: Some consider moving out after China Spring girl’s death

WACO, Texas (KWTX) – Some residents in a China Spring neighborhood told KWTX they are moving out after a 12-year-old girl died after she was struck and killed while riding her bike this week.

Waco Police said Alina Miller, a student at China Spring Middle School, was riding her bike south on Salem Way around 4p.m. on Monday when she was struck by the driver of a vehicle going west on the intersecting Orchid Lane.

Waco Police are still investigating and have not accused the driver of any wrongdoing, but neighbors like Sandy Shaw said speeding has consistently been an issue in this neighborhood.

“Drivers in that area do not take caution that kids could be playing, dogs may have gotten out of the house – they just speed like it’s a highway,” Shaw said.

The China Spring mother said her children were also riding their bikes in the same area at the same time as Miller and witnessed the crash.

“It’s very traumatic, my kids don’t even want to go outside anymore,” Shaw said. “They said they saw the little girl off to the side and there was an ambulance, there was a firetruck.”

Waco Police Officer AJ Smith said while drivers need to slow down and be cautious driving in neighborhoods, parents also need to teach their children proper bike safety.

“Parents, kids are not going to want to wear a helmet,” Smith said, “Make them wear it. Make them get used to it. It’s just like a seat belt.”

If you live in a high-traffic area, Smith said you should consider limiting where your kids ride their bikes.

“Stick them in the grass. Let them ride in your yard. If you’ve got good neighbors, talk to them and say ‘hey can the kids ride in the yards?’ and then that way they don’t have to worry about traffic,” Smith said.

For Shaw, she said Miller’s death is the last straw and she and other neighbors are considering moving out of the neighborhood.

Other neighbors have even started a petition to urge the city of Waco to install speed bumps in the area.

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