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taliban: Inclusive Taliban govt doubtful: China agency

BEIJING: A Chinese think-tank has said the Taliban face a series of challenges, including those relating to unity and ability to establish an open and inclusive government, calling for a close cooperation between “all-weather” allies China and Pakistan to persuade the group to implement its commitments.
As the Taliban’s interim government failed to win a global recognition, an article in the state-run Global Times on Saturday said: “China and Pakistan must cooperate to persuade the Taliban to establish an open and inclusive government and implement a moderate domestic and foreign policy”.Written by Liu Zongyi, secretary-general of Research Centre for China-South Asia Cooperation at the government-run Shanghai Institutes for International Studies, the article reads: “At present, the verbal expression of the Taliban is very different from that in the past, but we do not know what specific policies they’ll champion in the future… Taliban are now facing a series of challenges. First, the unity of Taliban itself. Second, whether the Taliban can establish an inclusive government.”
The article also criticised the premise among the strategic analysts that the seizure of power of the Taliban is a success for China and Pakistan. “They believe that the successful seizure of power by the Taliban is a strategic failure of the US, the West and India. The reason why they have this faulty interpretation is mainly due to their geopolitical-competition thinking and zero-sum game thinking,” it said as it criticised the US move to form the Quad along with India, Japan and Australia.


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