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Expo Initiatives | Expo 2020 Dubai

Expo Initiatives-Hero

  • Expo Live - Expo 2020 Dubai

    Expo Live

    Innovation can come from everywhere to anyone. The Expo Live global innovation and partnership programme offers funding, support and exposure to innovators globally whose creative solutions are making a difference to societies, the environment or both.

  • Global Best Practice Programme

    Global Best Practice Programme

    Showcasing real solutions to the world’s biggest challenges, the Global Best Practice Programme highlights projects from around the world that have provided impactful and sustainable interventions, with a view to expanding them elsewhere.

  • World Majlis

    World Majlis

    What if you had an idea that could change the world? Or questions that could help shape the future? Explore a series of inclusive global dialogues on everything from art and science, imagination and analysis, machines and ideas, to nations and people.

  • Sustainability at Expo

    Sustainability at Expo

    We aspire to deliver one of the most sustainable World Expos ever. Sustainability is ingrained in everything we’ve been doing – from buildings and construction to establishing a lasting legacy long after Expo 2020 closes its doors.

  • Tolerance & Inclusivity Week | Expo 2020 Dubai

    Expo Talks

    Be part of an exchange of inspiring new perspectives that tackle the greatest challenges of our time. We’ll be hosting a series of talks and discussion on topics ranging from space to biodiversity.

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