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Tamara Keith and Amy Walter on Georgia’s voting law, election fundraising rules

Amy Walter:

You know, Judy, this is really fascinating.

Actually, it has been a fascinating development that has been going on for the last 10 or 15 years. It didn’t really start with this Georgia law. We saw it, for example, in places like North Carolina with the bathroom bill. We have seen it on gay rights in other states, gun laws in other states.

Really, what’s happening — and this is especially true in the South. These metro regions, like Atlanta, like Dallas, like Houston, that used to be pretty Republican have now become much more Democratic, much more blue, and, in some cases, deep blue.

And this is where these companies are headquartered. And many of their employees, they come from those blue areas. They live in those blue areas. And their expectations are that the companies that they work for reflect the values that they share.

And that’s, I think, a big reason why we’re seeing so many of these companies in states where the company has an incredible influence, but where that influence is really relegated to just the metro region.

And so, unfortunately, Judy, what I think happens is, it divides the state once again between those who live in and around that big metro area, who say, absolutely, we support this, and those who live outside of it, who believe that their values and views aren’t being taken into consideration.

And I think, for so many voters, they are left then forced to pick a side. Do I choose the place where I live right now? And, in some cases, you’re in companies that are agreeing much more with what’s going on in other states than what’s going on in their own.

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