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Iran nuclear deal talks, Derek Chauvin trial, Baylor’s title win: 5 things to know Tuesday

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Biden administration to revisit Iran nuclear deal

The Biden administration will participate in multilateral negotiations Tuesday over the fate of the Iran nuclear deal. American and Iranian negotiators will not hold direct talks, but both countries will have diplomats in Austria for the meetings. They will be facilitated by a top European Union official and other parties to the 2015 agreement. Under the Obama-era deal, Iran agreed to cap its nuclear enrichment, among other steps, in exchange for international sanctions relief.  President Donald Trump withdrew from the deal in 2018 and re-imposed economic sanctions on Iran. Subsequently, Iran breached the deal’s limits on nuclear enrichment. Back in the U.S., progressives seek a speedy return to the deal, arguing that any further delay is dangerous. Republicans and some hawkish Democrats want Biden to hold out for a broader deal that not only curbs Iran’s nuclear program but also limits its ballistic missile program, its support for terrorist groups, and other malign activities.


US supports Iran’s mtg with UN technical experts

The State Department says the U.S. is supportive of Iran agreeing to sit down with international technical experts investigating the discovery of uranium particles at three former undeclared sites in the country. (March 4)


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Derek Chauvin trial resumes Tuesday

The Derek Chauvin murder trial, now entering its seventh day, will pick up again Tuesday. Jurors will hear from Morries Hall, the man who was in the vehicle with Floyd before his struggle with police officers. Hall has said he would invoke his Fifth Amendment right against testifying as a witness in the trial. Monday’s proceedings saw Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo tell jurors Monday that Chauvin’s restraint of George Floyd “absolutely” violates department policy and goes against “our ethics and our values.” Neck restraints are outlawed at many law enforcement departments, and they’re no longer allowed in Minnesota. But at the time of Floyd’s death, the Minneapolis Police Department did allow them. However, Arradondo said of Chauvin’s restraint on Floyd: “I vehemently disagree that that’s the appropriate use of force for that situation.”  


George Floyd’s drug use, Derek Chauvin’s restraint examined at trial

Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo and Dr. Bradford Wankhede Langenfeld testify at start of Derek Chauvin trial’s second week.

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Baylor celebrates after stifling Gonzaga to capture NCAA men’s basketball title

College sports fans are lauding Baylor Tuesday morning — instead of previously undefeated Gonzaga — after the Bears claimed their first men’s basketball national title by beating the Bulldogs, 86-70, Monday night in Indianapolis. Baylor (28-2) jumped out to an early 9-0 lead and, behind a suffocating defensive effort that saw Gonzaga held to a season-low in points scored, never looked back. The Bears were led by guards Jared Butler, MaCio Teague and Davion Mitchell, who combined to score 56 of the team’s 86 points. Gonzaga (31-1) was coming off a thrilling overtime win over UCLA in the national semifinal Saturday. But the Bulldogs looked flat from the start and never even held the lead in the title game. Gonzaga joins a group of teams that came close to matching Indiana’s historic 32-0 season during the 1975-76 season, but ultimately fell short. 


Baylor ends Gonzaga’s undefeated bid, wins program’s first national title

SportsPulse: By ending Gonzaga’s historic undefeated season, Baylor made history itself. Mackenzie Salmon details how the Bears won their first national title.


Florida crews keep pumping wastewater to avoid reservoir disaster

Workers continue to pump millions of gallons of wastewater from the Piney Point reservoir into the Tampa Bay ecosystem, a move that could avoid disaster at the reservoir but could have harmful effects like red tide and fish kills in nearby waters. The pumping continues as a drone equipped with thermal imaging equipment identified a possible “second breach” in the containment pond Monday. The Florida Department of Environmental Protection later said that news reports of a possible second breach – which were based on the comments of two Manatee County officials – were “unsubstantiated.” As of Monday afternoon, the worst-case scenario – a total collapse of the earthen berm that would cause floodwater to inundate nearby properties – had been avoided, but the possible identification of additional weakness in the wall could be a concern. Still, more than 300 homes and multiple businesses in the area have been evacuated.  


Florida wastewater reservoir partially collapsed, residents evacuate

A Florida wastewater reservoir is in danger of collapsing and releasing hundreds of millions of gallons of polluted industrial water near Tampa Bay.

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Hunter Biden’s candid memoir ‘Beautiful Things’ is due out Tuesday

“Beautiful Things” (Gallery Books, 255 pp.), the memoir written by Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, was released Tuesday. As our David Oliver explained, Hunter Biden has seen some ugly things. His alcohol and drug addiction sent him spiraling for years and led him to cook his own crack cocaine. In the book, he admitted that he “was smoking crack every 15 minutes.” His candid chronicle of his binges and relationship with his brother’s Beau’s widow, Hallie Biden, will likely shock and rattle readers. But Hunter Biden also outlined some of the beautiful things in his life, including the love he shares with his father and brother Beau, who died of glioblastoma in 2015. Hunter Biden also found love again with new wife Melissa, whom he credits for getting him back on the path to sobriety. “Where’s Hunter?” was a rallying cry from former President Donald Trump to try and smear Joe Biden. “I’m not going anywhere,” Hunter Biden writes.


Joe Biden defends son Hunter Biden during final presidential debate

Joe Biden said “not one single, solitary thing was out of line” with his and his son Hunter Biden’s dealings with Ukraine.


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