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2020 US election the most honest yet, says former ambassador Kim Beazley

Former US ambassador Kim Beazley believes that while America may present itself as the best democracy in the world, the system is weakened severely by legislative drawbacks and widespread voter suppression.

The Governor of Western Australia and former deputy PM told Libbi Gorr that the COVID-19 pandemic inadvertently forced US state legislatures to make voting easier and more accessible.

“Those rules … were just making voting more convenient in dreadful times. So you had the best election, I think in my memory, Americans have ever had.”

Mr Beazley also said he wouldn’t be surprised to see President Biden step aside ahead of the next election to make way for Vice President Kamala Harris.

“(Biden) really needs to get (Harris) trained in foreign and national security policy.”

“She’s likely to be the next Democratic president”

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