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House passes resolution urging Pence to remove Trump using 25th amendment

Back to some more questions

is the VP expected / is it anticipated that, he will attend Joe Biden’s inauguration…?


It certainly seems so. US media have reported that Pence will attend, and in his letter to Pelosi today Pence promised to do everything to work towards a smooth transition. You’d imagine attending the inauguration would be a part of that.

Pete, did any Republicans support impeachment last time? I feel like no but it feels like round 1 was a decade ago at this point.

-This week has been a long year

Across both the House and the Senate, there was one Republican.

In the House, Justin Amash resigned from the Republican party before voting in favour of impeachment, which meant zero Republicans supported it. In the Senate, only one Republican voted to convict on the charge of abuse of power — Mitt Romney. Romney did not vote to convict on the Obstruction of Congress charge.

Where is Biden now? Is he still hiding in is basement?


I mean, in the campaign Biden didn’t hide in his basement so much as take measures to keep himself safe as a 78-year-old living through a global pandemic, which at the time didn’t have a vaccine. 

And right now, he’s based himself in Delaware as he runs through the business of his transition and building out his administration. It’s pretty normal for a president-elect to base themselves in their hometowns before they make the big shift to Washington DC. Trump ran his transition from New York (which was his home at the time), and Obama ran his from Chicago.

“Won’t stand in the way of impeachment” and “supports conviction” are very different. The reports about McConnell while symbolic seem materially insignificant. Am I right in saying the house could easily impeach without his support?


You’re right on that first point and on the second! Remember, McConnell is the Republican leader in the Senate and runs the show there(though obviously, he commands enormous influence in the Republican party outside of it too). The impeachment will happen in the House first, which means Nancy Pelosi has the wheel. It’s almost certain that the impeachment will pass the House. What happens in the Senate is anyone’s guess right now, which is why we’re all watching McConnell so closely.

While I understand the primary purpose of this blog is US political updates, and don’t get me wrong – they are fabulous, it’s been a long time between memes.

-Pretty please

I know, I know. It’s a delicate balance when we have some fun with memes in the blog and right now just isn’t the time I’m afraid, given the significance of what’s happening. Believe me, I wish the stakes were a little lower so we could be graced by the Calamari Chef once or twice in the blog. Hang in there.

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