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Amazon stops giving money to lawmakers who voted to override results of presidential election

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Amazon is the latest corporation to pause political contributions following the riot at the U.S. Capitol last week.

The Seattle tech giant announced Monday it will suspend spending to any Member of Congress who voted to override the results of the U.S. presidential election.

“The Amazon PAC gives to congressional candidates on a bipartisan basis based upon the interest of our customers and our employees,” according to a statement from an  Amazon spokeswoman. “Given the unacceptable attempt to undermine a legitimate democratic process, the Amazon PAC has suspended contributions to any Member of Congress who voted to override the results of the US Presidential election. We intend to discuss our concerns directly with those Members we have previously supported and will evaluate their responses as we consider future PAC contributions.”

Microsoft said Monday it would halt all political contributions “until after it assesses the implications of last week’s events.” Facebook also announced it was freezing political spending, Axios reported, and businesses and banks such as Ford Motor Co., Dow, Marriott, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase and Citigroup also put contributions on hold.

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