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Canucks’ Braden Holtby, delayed at border, finally gets into Canada with pet tortoises


Slow and steady does win the race.

Goaltender Braden Holtby, who was delayed by paperwork at the border this week as he tried to bring the family tortoises into Canada, is safely in. So are pets Honey and Maple.

And now Holtby, the longtime Washington Capital who signed a two-year free-agent deal this fall with Vancouver, can settle in and prepare for his new role as Canucks goalie.

The saga became public Wednesday afternoon when Holtby’s wife, Brandi, tweeted asking if anyone had contacts with U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service International because the goaltender needed an export permit to bring the pets across the border. She later tweeted that they had the proper import paperwork, but not what the U.S. agency needed.

Friday, Brandi tweeted the good news: 

“Welcome to Canada, Honey and Maple!” she tweeted. “Huge shout out to @USFWS for working so hard for us! Thank you for everyone’s concern. NOW you may laugh at the image of Braden being stuck at the border with a tortoise under each arm.”

The agency replied to her: “Honey and Maple are now shell-ebrities! Glad we were able to help – have a turtley awesome weekend!”

It also tweeted out a link for obtaining the proper paperwork in case anyone else was looking to bring a turtle out of the country.

Brandi retweeted that so others could see.

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