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Who will win the 2020 US election? Bookies odds and latest polls

Donald Trump/Joe Biden comp Who is leading the polls with just a few days until the election? (Picture: AP; Reuters)

Just a few more days remain until the monumental 2020 US Election arrives, and the country chooses who its next President will be.

The election has fascinated people all over the world – with Google searches soaring as people demand to know who is the favourite to win the race for the White House.

While Donald Trump is bidding to win a second term, Democratic candidate Joe Biden is hoping to unseat him and take the presidency.

But just what are the current odds and what are the latest exit polls predicting?

What are the 2020 US election odds?

According to bookmakers Ladbrokes, Joe Biden is currently ahead of Donald Trump in the odds to be named US election winner.



Currently, he has odds of 1/2 to win the keys to the White House next week, compared to Trump’s odds of 13/8.

However, the betting also suggests that the Republicans could win the states of Texas and Florida – seen as crucial to Trump securing his second term as president.

Joe Biden Joe Biden is leading the charge for the Democrats (Picture: Reuters)

Trump is also odds-on to win Ohio, while the Democrats are being backed to win Michigan and Arizona – while the heavily contested swing state of Pennsylvania is currently pointing towards a Biden victory with odds of 2/5.

‘Trump needs to win Texas and Florida if he’s to have any chance of winning a second term in the White House and, luckily for him, the odds suggest the Republicans will find success in both states,’ said Ladbrokes’ Jessica O’Reilly.

Here’s how the state betting is looking:

Florida – Republican 8/11, Democrat Evens
Texas – Republican 1/3, Democrat 9/4
Ohio – Republican 4/9, Democrat 13/8
Michigan – Democrat 1/3, Republican 9/4
Pennslyvania – Democrat 2/5, Republican 7/4
Arizona – Democrat 4/6, Republican 11/10
Georgia – Republican 8/13, Democrat 6/5
North Carolina -Democrat 8/11, Republican Evens

What are the current exit polls saying?

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