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US election 2020 latest: Trump on battleground campaign blitz

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  1. President Trump is making multiple campaign stops in the pivotal battleground state of Pennsylvania
  2. His Democratic challenger Joe Biden has no events scheduled on Monday, eight days before the 3 November election
  3. Trump trails Biden in most national polls, but some key battleground states are closer
  4. Meanwhile, the US Senate is set to confirm Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court despite Democratic opposition
  5. The appointment will likely make the far-reaching decisions of the top US court more conservative
  6. Democrats have complained bitterly that the appointment is being rushed through before the 3 November election
  7. The UK PM Boris Johnson has told reporters the US is Britain’s closet ally, and he won’t comment on the election
  8. As well as news and views from the election campaign, we are also focusing today on Divided America

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