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Trump tweet about ‘BOFFO’ leaves many scratching their heads. Here’s what it suggests


On Monday morning, the word “BOFFO” got a boost from the leader in chief. Not exactly sure what it recommends? You’re not alone.

President Donald Trump tweeted, “Early ballot reports look far more powerful than initially gotten ready for. Every RALLY is BOFFO.” So simply what did the president mean by boffo? On Twitter, many users stated they needed to look for the meaning of boffo.Merriam-Webster tweeted that quickly after the president used the word it wound up being a leading trending search on the online dictionary. Thanks to Merriam-Webster, the secret of boffo will not

stay like Trump’s usage of” covfefe “on May 31, 2017, when in a tweet he composed,” Despite the consistent negative press covfefe.”” Who can find out the real significance of “covfefe”??? “Trump later wrote.”

Delight in!” Of boffo, the online Merriam-Webster dictionary recognizes the word as an adjective and defines it as “really successful: SENSATIONAL.” Synonyms consist of” A-OK,” “bang-up,”” gangbusters “and” out-of-sight.” Thanks to Fortune publication, a sample sentence including boffo and released during the pandemic:” Zoom bent

its muscles just recently with a boffo profits report.” Facebook Email

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