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Meet the artist who completed Michael Jordan ‘Flying’ pencil illustration in 250 hours


By 2015, Keegan Hall had quit on his youth dreams of ending up being an artist, not drawing for over a years after starting a profession in sales and marketing.

Then his mom, Lisa, passed away that year, and as Hall put it, he “could not get away drawing.”

“Art was never part of the strategy, nevertheless whenever I thought I would stop working, something kept pressing me forward,” Hall told U.S.A. TODAY Sports by phone. “Losing my mommy rocked me to my core, and it’s what got me back into drawing to self-medicate through the grieving process. She’s what kept me in drawing, too.”

Hall’s journey back to art– he now produces pencil photos full-time– combined with his love for sports and stimulated the idea for practical illustrations. Sports stars in the Seattle area, near his home, have actually seen his skill.

His most recent task, a portrait of Michael Jordan flying in the 1988 NBA dunk contest, took him 250 hours to produce. After the illustration was shared through social networks, Hall’s website crashed. The final product is a 22″ x 30″ piece that Hall calls his “most ambitious job ever taken.”

Due to the fact that some individuals on social networks claimed the illustration was a fake, Hall released a time lapseto display the 250 hours it took to complete.

In 2016, he developed artwork of previous President Barack Obama and his partner, Michelle.

In one of his first major jobs, Hall contacted Richard Sherman when the cornerback was still wagering the Seahawks and teamed up to provide 200 prints for $200 each, with all the money going to a charity. That started the #Keegan 200 pattern in which he partners with professional athletes, who then chose the charities.

“It offered out the next day for $40,000 immediately,” Hall stated. After Sherman came a Kam Chancellor drawing. Russell Wilson connected, and rap artist Macklemore followed. “Something kept resulting in the other. It’s been a huge area of individuals keeping me going,” Hall said.Hall said his art is the product of a hard youth. He developed in a trailer park with his sis, Joanna, who has cerebral palsy.

“I comprehended I wanted to go back to kids like me growing up,” he said. “There’s a (power) art can need to reach individuals.”

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