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An unforeseen guest: Fly lands on Mike Pence’s head during debate, goes viral

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Program Caption Hide Caption VP argument: Fly arrive at Vice President Pence’s head Many viewers fasted to send out tweets, with some joking that the fly must get time to respond to the questions.An unanticipated

guest joined Vice President Mike Pence on the debate stage Wednesday night: a pesky fly.During the very first

and only vice presidential argument, a fly rested on the top of Pence’s head for a number of minutes while he debated Democratic vice governmental nominee Kamala Harris for a number of minutes. The fly quickly went viral and produced a stir online.Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, referencing the fly, tweeted a picture of him with a fly swatter.” Pitch in $5 to help this

project fly, “the tweet stated. Biden several minutes later also tweeted the site,”,” which redirected to a website where individuals can check if they’re signed up to vote, in addition to get details on how to vote by mail or in person.The Biden campaign is also trying to capitalize on the viral minute by adding a fly swatter to their store, which says”Fact Over Flies.”Even prior to the argument was over, numerous Twitter accounts were produced for the fly. Merriam Webster composed in a tweet that the word”fly “was trending on their website”for quite possibly the very first time.”Many viewers were also fast to pop off tweets, with some joking that the fly must get time to respond to the concerns and others saying

that the fly requires to quarantine or be checked for COVID-19. Facebook Email

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