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U.S.A. TODAY Partners With Google to Release Web Story Experience in Google Discover


U.S.A. TODAY is partnering with Google to introduce Web Story experience in Google Discover.Google today announced a dedicated Web Story carousel with Discover, and U.S.A. TODAY is working with Google as one of the premier publishers to feature the new product.The Web Stories format is an ingenious and appealing way to both produce and take in content on the open web. Significantly, unlike other storytelling platforms where stories just live for 24 hr, Web Stories do not disappear after 24 hours.USA TODAY released its very first Web Story, which showed

the damage and devastation one year after Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano appeared, in 2019 and now regularly uses Web Stories on a series of newsworthy and timely topics.USA TODAY just recently used the format for a newspaper article on why mail-in ballot is so controversial and for one on systemic racism. Travel and lifestyle stories include BEST Road trips USA, Tips for embellishing a cake, Old-school pastimes rebounding and How to choose the best watermelon. In overall, USA TODAY and other Gannett brand names such as 10Best, Examined, and Golfweek have released nearly 600 Web Stories.”The Web Stories storytelling format lines up with our objective of engaging news consumers on their smart phone and helps us reach new audiences through Google Search andDiscover. USA TODAY is understood for premium visuals, so this platform permits us to highlight the strong of our images, video, and graphics groups in thenewsroom,”stated Alexandra Ptachick, Audience Editor of Emerging Platforms at USA TODAY.Visit to read more about Web Stories.Facebook Email

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