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Iran’s DM applauds nation’s industrial self-sufficiency

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TEHRAN, Oct. 6 (Xinhua)– Iran’s Defense Minister Amir Hatami applauded on Tuesday the progress of the nation’s commercial self-sufficiency.

“The activity of this factory fulfills the requirements of the nation for quality items in the fields of defense, marine, aerospace and missile industries,” Hatami said at the inauguration of a brand-new factory in northeastern Mashhad city producing military and non-military teflon wires and cables.Apart from the

military usages, the output of the factory will also please part of the needs of Iranian civilian markets such as petrochemicals, vehicles and house appliances, he added.General Hatami

stressed the importance for Iran of establishing commercial self-sufficiency vis-a-vis growing “hostile foreign efforts” to enforce embargoes on the country.Iran is presently consuming 20,000 km of teflon cable, with a cost of 10 million U.S. dollars in foreign currency, he elaborated.With the new factory, he continued, the requirement for some electrical wiring products will be met completely, while when it comes to others it will be pleased by 40 percent, conserving Iran 70 percent of its foreign currency spending in the field.The quality of Mashhad factory’s production, he went on to state, fulfills European requirements and is higher than that of cables and wires produced in other countries for the existing world market. Enditem

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