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US ambassador to Israel alerts Biden win could weaken consensus on Iran

Oct 5, 2020

US policy towards Iran might deviate for the worse from the point of view of Israel’s federal government and Washington’s Gulf allies if Joe Biden is elected president in November, US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman stated on Sunday, in the latest example of a sitting Trump administration authorities vouching for the present president’s policies ahead of his reelection quote.

“Joe Biden became part of the Obama administration, which worked out and carried out the Iran deal, something that President [Donald] Trump– and I share his view– believes was the worst international offer the United States has actually ever entered into,” Friedman said in an interview with the United Arab Emirates’ al-Ain news site.

“It created a pathway for Iran to get a nuclear weapon. It did nothing to restrain Iran from its malign activity, whether supporting terrorists throughout Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen,” Friedman stated. “It not did anything to limit their structure of ballistic rockets.”

Friedman went on, “If we continue this path, we think Iran will eventually have no option but to end its malign activity. … I ‘d dislike to think that a brand-new administration would undermine that, but regrettably, if Biden wins, I believe they might.”

Why it matters: Friedman– who formerly advised the 2016 Trump project and legally represented Trump in his bankruptcy fights over his Atlantic City gambling establishments– is the latest administration official treading on longstanding standards by promoting the president’s policies ahead of the November election.Last week, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo talked to a conservative pro-life organization in the key swing state of Florida, promoting the administration’s record on immigration, North Korea, the Islamic State and assassinating Iranian commander Qasem Soleimani as examples of the administration”respecting life.”During a visit to Israel last month, Pompeo dealt with the Republican National Convention back in the United States moves that raised issues about prospective infractions of the 1939 Hatch Act, which bars officials in the executive branch from participating in specific political activities.What’s next: The Biden project has said it could renegotiate the 2015 deal with Iran, with additional arrangements to hinder Tehran’s ballistic rocket program. The position has raised concerns in Israel that a Biden administration may not be difficult enough on Iran’s aspirations in the region.Biden has called theTrump administration’s Iran policy a failure, pointing out its inability to rally even the United States’closest allies to reimpose the UN arms embargo on Iran, despite proof of Tehran’s exportation of ballistic missile and drone technology to conflict zones in the region.Earlier this year, Iran successfully introduced a satellite into area. US officials state Iran’s area program might be a front for long-range ballistic missile research.Last month, a confidential senior United States official stated Iran might obtain sufficient fissile material to develop a nuclear weapon by the end of the year which Iran’s federal government was dealing with North Korea on long-range weapons.Know more: Ben Caspit lays out Israeli officials’concerns and hopes ahead of the election as speculation grows that Iran might be waiting out the election to reapproach the settlement table.

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