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United States Election 2020: About 4 million individuals currently voted; record turnout most likely

Nearly 4 million people have enacted the US up until now from the postal ballot system, a number that suggests that record voting can happen in the country.

In the middle of the pandemic that has worst struck the US, Americans are heavily relying on mail-in ballot for the presidential election to avoid the threat of contracting the infection by going to the ballot station.

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The United States Elections Task, which makes information of early voting said that over 3.8 million individuals have cast their tally up until now, which greatly surpasses the almost 75,000-mark that was touched throughout this time in 2016.

Michael McDonald of the University of Florida, who administers this task, believes that this enormous increase in mail-in ballot is because it’s a safe process in view of coronavirus outbreak and given that several people have chosen Donald Trump’s fate.

“We’ve never seen this lots of people voting so far ahead of an election,” he stated, as priced quote by news agency Reuters.

“Individuals cast their tallies when they make up their minds, and we know that lots of people comprised their minds long earlier and already have a judgment about Trump.”

McDonald anticipated that this spike in early ballot might lead to a general turnout of nearly 150 million, a record number given that 1908.

He said these figures have actually gotten here from the 31 US states out of the 50 that have started mail-in voting and added that the early voting will rise further after more states will start enabling it in the upcoming weeks.

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