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Projects in the Middle East|ACCIONA

ACCIONA established its very first Middle East workplace in the United Arab Emirates in 2008. Since then, Dubai has served as a base for developing the company’s business in the Gulf and other Arab countries. ACCIONA has irreversible establishments in the Emirates of Dubai and Fujairah and likewise has branches in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.ACCIONA is present in Saudi Arabia mainly carrying out water treatment and supply activities and infrastructure and engineering construction. In addition, the company has now established strategic partnerships with local mutual fund for renewable energy projects.ACCIONA is also present in Qatar, using various kinds of

services for health centers and cultural centres, as well as engineering and civil works jobs. However maybe among the most essential options it offers in the nation are seawater desalination projects to guarantee access to this crucial resource in among the most water-stressed areas on the planet.ACCIONA also performs jobs associated to water system, construction of all kinds of facilities and uses various services in Kuwait and Oman.

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