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Joe Biden, At NBC News Town Hall, States He Wasn’t Stunned That Donald Trump Tested Positive For COVID-19

Joe Biden stated that he was not shocked by the news that President Donald Trump checked favorable for COVID-19, informing NBC News’ Lester Holt that “any person who contracts the infection by generally stating masks don’t matter, social distancing doesn’t matter, are responsible for what occurs to them.”

Appearing at NBC News’ outside city center in Miami, Biden did state that he was happy that the president “appears to be occurring quite well.”

Nevertheless pointing out the president’s return to the White Home previously on Monday night, in which he removed his mask and got in the structure, Biden stated, “I hope nobody walks away with the message it’s not a concern. It’s a severe problem.”

Biden’s project pulled its negative marketing when Trump exposed his coronavirus medical diagnosis, while Biden sent out a message to the president and Very first Lady Melania Trump wanting them well in their recovery.Asked whether he

called Trump, Biden mentioned, “I asked whether I require to do that and the option was that would be intrusive.”

Biden mentioned that he was not worried that he had actually been exposed to the virus at last week’s governmental argument, as he was spaced apart from Trump. But he was impressed when he saw the Trump family and friends take their seats in the audience without masks.

“It was a little befuddling that his entire area, no one had masks on,” Biden said.The town hall was Biden’s second of the fall project. He participated in a CNN town hall last month, which was a”drive in “event in which individuals socially distanced in their cars and trucks and trucks. At the NBC News city center, the 60 person audience was expanded 7 to 11 feet apart, and every individual needed to use a face mask. They alsoneeded to deal with a signs questionaire and take temperature level checks. Holt was seated at least 15 feet away.Related Due date Video: Packing remarks …

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