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Illinois counties with 10% mail-in tallies rejected in 2016 and 2018 US elections

Numerous people in Chicago and Illinois lined up at the surveys on the really first day of early ballot. While lots of can prevent the long run by ballot by mail, information reveals some counties in Illinois have had a high tally rejection rate in the last 2 elections.According to info collected by ABC News, mail-in tally rejections have actually been very little in the last 2 election cycles nevertheless growing; from less than 1%in 2016 to 1.4% in 2018. While little in percentage, that still equates to more than 425,000 citizens who lost their voice at the ballot box in the last election.Data from the 2016 governmental election revealed Stephenson County as

the only county in the state with a high rejection rate of 11.6 %; 78 of the 749 mail-in tallies were rejected.By 2018, the state had five counties with a high rejection rate of 10%or more: Will County had a 68.8 %mail-in ballot rejection after 170 of 247 tallies

  • returned were declined. Franklin County saw a 27.7 %when 39 of its 141 were refused.
  • Kendall County had a 15% rejection rate when 367 of 2,445 were rejected
  • . Scott County had 8 out of 60 mail-in tallies decreased, making its rate 13.3%

  • Stephenson County saw a rise in its rejection rate in 2018 when 92 out 715 mail-in ballots were declined. Its rate went from 11.6 % to 12.9% in those two years Throughout both elections, Cook County had a rejection rate of less than 5 %with.7% of mail-in tallies being declined in 2016. By the 2018 election, that rate increased to 1.7%Considering that Thursday, the Chicago Board of Elections reported more than 450,000 vote-by-mail applications. Since 9 a.m. that exact same day more than 8,000 had actually been returned.The greatest range of vote-by-mail tallies previously asked for was throughout The 2nd world war, with 116,117 applications.The basic election will be hung on November 3, 2020.

    Surveys are open from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Election Day.By-mail voter registration in Illinois ends on October 6. Online citizen registration

    ends on October 18. Grace period voter registration in Illinois ranges from October 7 through Election Day.All grace duration voter registration must be performed in person.For a more comprehensive have a look at the states and counties with a high-rate of mail-in

    tally rejection take a look at the map below.SEE ALSO: Vote by mail: How to ask for a tally for mail-in ballot, and more Early enacting Chicago

    begins with hundreds lining up at Loop Super Website Vote 2020: Election Information for Voting in Illinois and Indiana 6 ways mail-in tallies are


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