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Election 2020: Join us on Oct. 15 for ‘The Vote’ City Center

< img src=",1500,x0,y39?width=12&height=9"/ > |Fort Myers News-Press Election season remains in full swing, throughout the nation and here in Southwest Florida.Mail-in and absentee voting are underway. Candidates continue to campaign and argument, and as unsure voters prepare to go to the polls on Nov. 3, we will analyze the crucial issues and races of Election 2020. Join us Thursday at 8 p.m. as we talk with local

professionals and authorities to learn more about voter security, the conoranvirus effect, what regional races deserve our attention and more.Expert guests consist of: Tommy Doyle, Lee County Manager of Elections Jennifer Edwards,

Collier County Manager of

  • Elections Peter Bergerson, political science teacher,
  • FGCU Sandra Pavelka, political science teacher, FGCU Campaign press reporters: John Davis, assistant news director, WGCU
  • ; Amy Williams, Melissa Montoya and Bill Smith, The News-Press/Naples Daily News The broadcast will likewise feature explanatory videos produced by the U.S.A. TODAY Network-Florida team on the six amendments on this year’s ballot.More: FLORIDA

PULSE: Should Florida raise the minimum wage to$15 an hour?Also, a more detailed look at the “young vote “in this election and the impact that it might have on the outcome.This is the 4th town hall The News-Press and Naples Daily News of the U.S.A. TODAY Network-Florida and WGCU Public

Media have actually partnered on in 2020. Formerly the focus has been entirely on the coronavirus with a look at the first 100

days of the infection, a town hall on small company effect and another on going back to school throughout the pandemic.’THE VOTE’WHAT: An Election 2020 Town Hall concentrating on the crucial concerns and races for this election season WHEN: Thursday, Oct. 15, 8-9 p.m.HOSTS: Julie Glenn, News Director, WGCU Public Media and Mark Bickel, Audience Development Director for The News-Press/Naples Daily News HOW

TO VIEW: The town hall will be a live TV broadcast from the WGCU studios on the school of Florida Gulf Coast University

. It will be shown concurrently on news-press. com and along with all of the partners ‘Facebook pages. You can also listen on WGCU’s radio stations 90.1 or 91.7 FM. Expanded ballot approaches stir up 2020 United States election American citizens are hesitant about efforts to expand, and sometimes avoid the growth, of early voting and vote-by-mail approaches ahead of the 2020 US governmental election.(Sept. 14)Facebook Email

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