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Don’t Hesitate Of Covid? “Inform That To The Dead”, Hollywood Reacts To Donald Trump

President Donald Trump‘s tips today– “Do not hesitate of Covid”– didn’t decrease well with some in the Hollywood community, consisting of star Zach Braff, whose friend, Broadway star Nick Cordero, passed away last July of issues from the coronavirus.

“You don’t have in fact covid for the weekend,” Braff tweeted today. “He either has it and does not use a f * ck who gets it from him, or he never ever had it.” The previous Scrubs star also warned versus overconfidence from undesirable test results.

“A NEGATIVE TEST DOESN’T MEAN YOUR NECESSARILY NEGATIVE!,” Braff tweeted in all caps. “NICK TESTED NEGATIVE 3 TIMES.” (Braff, acknowledging his “your”/”you’re” mistake, quickly said sorry to his university, Northwestern University, for “rage tweeting with inaccurate grammar.”)

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With the U.S. Covid death toll at well above the 200,000 mark, Braff and other stars reacted madly to today’s Trump tweet in which the ailing president mentioned, “I will be leaving the outstanding Walter Reed Medical Center today at 6:30 P.M. Feeling genuinely outstanding! Do not be afraid of Covid. Do not let it manage your life. We have established, under the Trump Administration, some really fantastic drugs & understanding. I feel better than I did 20 years ago!”

Captain America star Chris Evans tweeted, “Don’t be afraid of Covid ?! You have actually been under day-and-night care by the finest physicians utilizing the very best drugs. Do you genuinely think everybody has access to that?! Unfortunately, I make certain you understand that variation, you just do not care. This is careless to a stunning degree, even for you.”

Starlet and maker Ava DuVernay composed, “Do not be afraid of Covid he tries state to those individuals who have lost taken pleasure in ones to Covid. This man is wicked.”

Bette Midler tweeted, “The ill #IdiotInChief simply tweeted that ‘I never felt better in twenty years. Do not be afraid of getting COVID!’ TELL THAT TO THE DEAD! …”

Here is Trump’s tweet, followed by a sampling of reactions.Associated Charge Date Video: Packing comments …

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