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CNN’s Chris Cuomo Rips Donald Trump’s Choreographed Return To White House: “What A Bunch Of Bullsh*t”

There’s no love lost between CNN host Chris Cuomo and Donald Trump. That was clear as Cuomo went on cam quickly after Trump returned from Walter Reed Medical Center.After landing

in Marine One, a COVID contaminated Trump strolled up the stairs of the South Portico, removed his mask and kept an eye out from the terrace defiantly for numerous minutes as main professional photographers snapped his photo and news cams recorded the scene.Staffers could be seen behind him inside the structure as Trump strolled into the White Home. He did not put his mask back on. However then Trump walked back out, meant a couple of seconds and returued to his staffers, still without his mask.CNN’s White Home press reporter Kaitlyn Collins says the exit and re-entry was a reshoot, perhaps for a campaign video, as professional photographers and videographers recorded Trump’s arrival before staffers.Related Story Trevor Noah, Seth Meyers Dissect Trump’s”Despicable” Coronavirus Downplay After Medical Diagnosis Over video of Trump standing on a White House terrace on Monday night Cuomo said sardonically,”There he is, hair blown


Reshooting the scene for his own ad. “” I hold rallies,”Cuomo envisioned Trump stating,”

and I tell you to disregard masks. I’m going to rip my own off as I beat the infection because I am a leader! “Cuomo then retuned to reality and stated clearly to the video camera,”

What a bunch of bullsh * t.””He didn’t simply walk in the White Home one time with no mask tonight,”stated Cuomo. “He had his video team capture that dumb scene once again so he could put out propaganda.” Cuomo railed versus the fact that Trump, who has seemingly already contaminated over a lots White House staffers, was taking off his mask for the cam and after that entering an enclosed area with other individuals who could end up being contaminated.”You desire a metaphor,”stated Cuomo,”

You have actually got a president who is a drunk chauffeur who is pressing others to drive drunk. That’s what he is.”Do I wish to see an intoxicated motorist get injured? Hell no. However I fret more about individuals he strikes,”stated the CNN host.Trump later tweeted a video relatively made

made in the White House doorway saying of the virus, “Don’t let it control it … You’re going to beat it! “Others explained that during his time on the

terrace the president, who needed supplemental oxygen a minimum of two times throughout his remain in the hospital, seemed to be gasping for air

as he posed for photos.Related Deadline Video: Filling remarks …

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