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Analysis: 14 lingering questions about Donald Trump, coronavirus and the future of his presidency

And we know that a minimum of 8 individuals– including Trump and first lady Melania Trump– who attended last Saturday’s announcement of Amy Coney Barrett’s election to the Supreme Court in the Rose Garden have actually since checked positive.But beyond that, there are still a LOT of unknowns– questions that the White Home either declines to respond to or merely can not offer good answers on. Below, a list of simply some of those questions. * How ill is Trump, actually?: We don’t exactly understand.

Minutes after White House physician Sean Conley said on Saturday that” the President is doing effectively ,”a” source familiar with the President’s health” said this: “The President’s vitals over the last 24 hr were really concerning and the next 2 days will be vital in terms of his care. We are still not on a clear path to a full recovery.”On Sunday, Conley stated that Trump had a”high fever “on Friday morning and was provided additional oxygen despite his resistance to doing so.”The President has continued to improve, “said Conley, and Trump tweeted Monday that he’s leaving the medical facility after 3 nights, declaring he is”feeling really great!”and that coronavirus is nothing to fear. Here’s what we do understand about his stay: 1 )Trump was having trouble breathing on Friday and had a high fever 2) He was provided additional oxygen at the White House 3)he was carried to Walter Reed Friday night 4)He had actually not needed any extra oxygen because arriving at Walter Reed. And we likewise know that at 74 years old and overweight, technically speaking, Trump is at a greater risk of having issues from Covid-19. * When did Trump last test unfavorable for the virus?: We know that Trump evaluated favorable twice on Thursday for the coronavirus– as soon as a quick test, the other a more dependable PCR test. However neither the White Home nor Trump’s physician, Conley, have actually wanted to state when he last had an unfavorable test. That makes it tough to figure out when Trump might have been contagious to others he was around. * Why did Trump go to New Jersey and do a charity event?: The White House has made clear that Trump didn’t test favorable up until after he returned from his Bedminster, New Jersey, golf club where he held a donor occasion Thursday afternoon.

( State health officials are seeking to call more than 200 people who may have entered contact with Trump during the charity event.)Trump’s journey is all the more complicated considered that some members of the White House knew senior Trump aide Hope Hicks had actually checked positive as early as Thursday early morning. As New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy(D)stated in a tweet on Monday afternoon:”The President & his personnel acted recklessly in coming to New Jersey knowing that they had actually been exposed to someone with a verified favorable test.”* Is the White Home contact tracing?: Offered the number of individuals in and around the President have checked positive for the virus– White Home press secretary Kayleigh McEnany joined their ranks on Monday morning– you would believe the White Home would be participated in a mass contact tracing effort to limit the spread. And they might be! But it does not seem all that comprehensive, given thatThe New York Times White House reporter Michael Shear, who checked positive for the virus on Friday, told CNN’s”New Day”Monday that he had not spoken with anybody

in the White Home yet. * Is Trump the first world leader to have Covid-19?: No! A variety of world leaders have contracted it, including Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro in July and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson in March. Johnson, like Trump, was hospitalized because of the infection but, unlike Trump, spent a number of days in an intensive care system. * What medications is Trump being offered?: As I noted above, the White Home physician has been rather cagey about the course of treatment for the President. However here’s what we do know the President has been offered: 1) Regeneron’s double antibody mixed drink on Friday. The mixed drink is thought about an experimental drug due to the fact that it has actually not been approved for use by the Fda. 2 )A five-day course of remdesivir, an antiviral drug that has actually revealed to speed recovery amongst some Covid-19 patients. 3)Dexamethasone, a steroid, was administered to Trump on Saturday

due to transient episodes in which his oxygen level dropped, according to Conley. Conley stated Monday that Trump has actually not taken fever-reducing medicine — but dexamethasone can mask fever. 4)Zinc and vitamin D, which can be aimed at increasing the immune system 5)Melatonin 6)A heartburn drug called famotidine and 7 )a day-to-day aspirin. * What occurs if Mike Pence gets Covid-19?: The vice president has checked negative for Covid-19 on at least 4 events given that Friday– consisting of on Monday early morning.

He is expected to head to Salt Lake City to prepare for Wednesday night’s debate with California Sen. Kamala Harris in spite of there being major concerns about whether he need to still be quarantining. If Pence did get sick and was unable to perform his tasks, much would depend upon Trump’s health. To date, Trump has not felt as though he required to transfer power to Pence due to ongoing concerns with the coronavirus. Presuming he continues to feel the exact same or better, Trump would carry on being president if Pence happened to be disarmed due to Covid-19. If , for whatever factor, both Trump and Pence were disarmed, the presidential line of succession would make Home Speaker Nancy Pelosi president, although the law there is rather unclear and such a relocation would likely be challenged. * What is Joe Biden doing?: At the moment, the previous vice president continues to keep a project schedule although he has taken down all unfavorable TELEVISION advertisements while Trump continues to convalesce. Biden is set to participate in an NBC News city center at 8 p.m. Eastern Monday. He will campaign in communities around near Miami before the townhall. Biden last evaluated negative for coronavirus on Sunday. * Is the next presidential debate going to take place?: The short response is we don’t understand. The next governmental debate is set for October 15 in Miami. Based on the at-times puzzling timeline provided by the White House, Trump tested favorable for coronavirus eventually on Thursday, October 1. He was showing indications of disease that exact same day. Which indicates that he could, in theory, take part in the argument. According to the CDC’s standards, an individual with Covid-19 can be around others 10 days after the onset of symptoms, presuming they have no fever and other coronavirus-related signs are enhancing. Biden, for his part, said Monday that he would participate”if researchers say that it’s safe,”including:”I’ll do whatever the experts state is suitable for me to do.” * Will Amy Coney Barrett still be verified before Election Day?: That possibility looks much less most likely today than it did even 5 days earlier. The reason? 3 Republican senators– Utah’s Mike Lee, North Carolina’s Thom Tillis and Wisconsin’sRon Johnson– have all evaluated favorable for Covid-19 considering that Friday, meaning that they are isolating for a time period( the CDC recommendations are 14 days). That break out caused Senate Bulk Leader Mitch McConnell to announce over the weekend that the Senate was not preparing any votes till October 19. That stated, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham( South Carolina )is still planning to hold Barrett’s verification hearing the week of October 12– a move that has actually created significant controversy, as Democrats firmly insist that it’s unclear the Senate is safe at the minute. And then there’s the tough mathematics: 2 GOP senators (Lisa Murkowksi

of Alaska and Susan Collins of Maine) have stated they oppose holding a vote to verify a Supreme Court justice this near the election. That means McConnell can pay for to lose only one more vote and still be guaranteed of verification. If any of the trio who have contracted coronavirus are not able to vote, that removes McConnell’s margin.( A lot more on all of that here.)* What takes place if Barrett isn’t validated prior to Election Day?: The preference for the White House and Senate Republicans is to get Barrett on the Court prior to November 3. But as kept in mind above, that is not a certainty at the moment. If the votes aren’t there before the election, my guess is that Trump and Senate GOPers will attempt to verify her in a lame-duck session– meaning one after the election but prior to the next Congress is sworn in. That’s no huge deal if Trump wins and Republican politicians keep control of the Senate. However if Trump loses and Republicans lose control of the Senate in the November election;

it’s not clear whether McConnell would be able to round up the 50 votes he requires to get Barrett verified and, even if he could, how that would play with a public who would enjoy Republican senators who had lost cast a hugely monumental vote to install a justice on the nation’s highest court for life. * Just how much control does Trump have over his doctors?: This is a difficult one to address solely since a really little number of people understand the real answer– and they aren’t talking. However from all indicators over the weekend, Trump’s medical team seems very, extremely conscious of their client and his views. Conley, asked about his evasiveness-bordering-on-falsehood in an instruction on Trump’s condition on Saturday, said this on Sunday:” I was attempting to reflect the upbeat attitude that the team, the President in his course of disease has had.”( Note: The President is not a medical doctor. )Then there was Trump’s drive-by of his supporters on Sunday night, which the White Home insisted was OKed by his doctors.(One marvels whether the doctors thought about the health of the 2 Secret Service representatives entrusted with parading Trump around.)* If Trump is discharged, does that mean he is out of the woods?: I am not a medical professional (sorry Mother!)however all indicators are that if Trump is released by his medical group from Walter Reed that they believe remains in out of instant danger from the infection for now. Conley put it this way:”Though he might not be completely out of the woods yet, the team and I concur that all our assessments, and most importantly, his scientific status, support the President’s safe return house, where he’ll be surrounded by world class medical care.” Of course, Covid-19 is still a very new illness– we didn’t even know it existed a year ago!– and transmittable disease specialists continue to learn more and more about its long-lasting impacts on the body. There are already a number of recorded cases of so-called” long haulers “– individuals who continue to battle with Covid-19 complications weeks and months after the preliminary onset of symptoms.” We remain in a little bit of uncharted area when it concerns a patient that got the therapies he has so early in the course,”Conley stated on Monday. “So we’re looking to this weekend– if we can make it through Monday with him staying the same enhancements– better yet, then we will all take that last deep sigh of relief.”* How many more Trump aides will get Covid-19?: McEnany along with two other junior White Home press assistants tested favorable on Monday. That brings the number infected in this White House (and Trump project, in addition to his GOP orbit)cluster to 14.(Complete list here ). As McEnany’s positive test– after numerous days of negative tests– proves, the infection might take a number of days to manifest in somebody’s body.(The incubation period for Covid-19 is two to 14 days.)Given the number of individuals in Trump’s orbit who have actually currently evaluated positive and the indifferent attitude the President and his top aides have required to mask-wearing and social distancing, it seems likely that there will be more cases.

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