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Alright, we’re right at 5 o’clock. Alright good afternoon and welcome this online. I’m Laura Trump senior to President Trump’s reelection campaign and I wanna say welcome to everyone joining us from across the country. Tonight. We’re so honored to have you and I wanna start by first thank every single person across the country across the world who has reached out and shown incredible support for our president for our family for our first lady. Um we wanted to be together. I got so many messages about we wish that there a way we can all pray together it in his help pray for the first lady, but really pray for America because we all have different things going on a 2020 has been a difficult year for many people and uh we’re so honored to have you join us tonight. so I just wanna say again from the bottom of my heart to everyone out there across this country. We have seen your messages. We have failed prayers. We have felt your well wishes. Thank you so much. I’m. Something Donald Trump and our first lady are going to come through this no problem and it will be because of the power of prayer. We know it works and I wanna say a big welcome as well to all of our incredible faith leaders who have joined us from across America tonight to pray with us to pray to half of our first lady, our president in America. so with that, I’m gonna welcome Pastor Paula White our good friend to start things off and again. Thank you very much. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much Laura it is just such an honor for us to come together and I want you to know as we gather and we begin to pray. We’re gonna take time to really call on and begging God and and just believe God for miracles for you for your family for this nation for our present for us and for so many others So, however, you feel most comfortable whether it is uh if you meditate if you wanna lift your hands up. Wanna pray out loud with us if you wanna, however, you pray and if you chant if you wanna sing, I want you to touch God and and Jensen Pastor Jentezen Franklin to mighty Man of God is gonna start us out as we go to the throne Room of heaven because we know that God doesn’t only hear our prayers, but he also answers them. Thank you Paula. It is an extreme honor to be here in Laura to you and your whole family are the heart of the nation is with you. Our prayers are with you and we’re here to pray. We’re here today to gather together. There are many people who are joining us by the thousands and hundreds of thousands and we’re gonna pray and I thought about uh the other day I took my a five year-old mother of biscuit for breakfast and I noticed that her eyes were a little puffy and I said Mom did you not rest good last night and It was the it was the night that the news came out that the president had been diagnosed with Cove in the first lady and it. Touched my heart because my mom said son, I woke up at 330 with the president on my mind and on my heart and on my lips and his precious wife, Melania, and she said I laid in bed and I prayed for 3 hours and you know they may not mean much to you. But I know the life that my mother lives. I know the only reason I’m here is because of my mother’s prayers and I think there are multiplied millions of people who’ve had. Similar to that first thing I thought of this morning when I woke up, it’s Sunday, I’m getting ready for my message and my mind is on my sermon this morning, the first thought that came in my heart is pray for the president. pray that God would heal pray that God would heal his wife and bless and all the people you know. I think this whole thing is made all of our hearts. go toward the broken and the hurting and those who are suffering and those who are sick and that’s what we’re going to do and I’d like to read this verse and then we’ll pray but uh. Samuel twelve in verse twenty-three more over Ask For me Samuel was speaking to the he’s speaking to the people who are in crisis the first king of Israel uh King Saul was going through a crisis and he says this powerful words, he says more over us for me far be it from me. Listen to this that I should send it’s the Lord in ceasing to pray for you, but I will teach you the good and the right way. fear of the Lord serve him in truth with all of your heart and consider the great things he has. For you, God forbid that I should send by praying for my leader the leader of the United States and the leader of the world really that God would heal him that God would strengthen him so I want you to join me all over and I’ve I’ve never I’ve never seen this kind of setting. I never dreamed that a president would allow the whole nation to be called to prayer. You don’t understand what this means you said. It means a lot to your family but the family of God. Every denomination, Amen, we’re lifting our voices to pray for our beliefs and God will always honor that heavenly father. We come to you today and we do ask you to release your healing hand across this nation for all who are suffering of Cove at nineteen. Would you heal? Would you live? We know we know that the wind beneath the wings of our leadership is prayer praying grandmother. Husbands and dads and fathers when we pray, there’s an uplift there is an encouragement in the atmosphere that comes and so tonight we humbly repent. we turn to you with all of our hearts We cry out for your mercy and your grace we cry out for the hedge to go up around our nation or protection. Would you keep us safe Some trust in some chariots that we remember. Name of the Lord tonight and we know that you are the God who has blessed this nation mightily would you help us now at this great Crossroad Touch President Trump lord strengthen him tonight. let him feel an absolute touch of your power on his life and even on his physical body, let him recover speedy touch his precious wife Lord, We surround them with prayers and love and that whole. God thank you for their sacrifice. Thank you that we’re all just human beings. We all need prayer. We all need to know that somebody cares and somebody loves us and somebody cares enough to call our name out in prayer and by the millions we’re calling out the Trump family would you bless them and keep them and make your face shine on them and be gracious unto them and lift up your countenance upon them. give them peace, give them help give them the healing will not fail to praise you for this God bless our economy bless our nation. The families that are struggling tonight that feel pressure on the job or pressure about economic pressure. We really need your help. Would you breathe on this nation life? Would you breathe on us? Oh god uh just everything that we need is in you and so like jehoshaphat, we don’t know what to do but our eyes are upon you and we turn the nation to God, Yes say. And you we trust and we need you and we receive your help release angels to fight for this nation and for for our lives and praise you for that in Jesus Mighty name. Amen. Bishop Perry I’ve got a little technical glitches going on, but I’m strong I broke ass. the the um hospital, The name of the president is and outside there are people with placards and saying that they love President Trump. They’re praying for him. I’m right in the city of this hospital and I had to drop that way. I know there’s a. To If God wants to bring and I wanna tell you that God is about to release healing not only to the president but to the nation and I want everybody to look at Psalm 133 behold how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity and if you read it on 133 there. Commanded blessing that comes with unity, There’s a commanded blessing if we unify that washes over everything, there’s a blessing that magnifies and releases authority. I’m so thankful that he has a heart and compassion that he’s a man that feels the needs of the people and he’s an actor. He’s a mover. He’s a shaker and I believe many people don’t get that. but it’s time for the church to unify it’s time for the church to come together. It’s time for the church to say if we can become one God ran down power and authority. And sort of like rain coming on and umbrella it is going to be an umbrella over the nation and that is a flash off and not only is the president going to be healed and the president is going to be healthy. but I believe that people of all over the land are going to receive grace healing emotionally spiritually and physically so II want you all? I have a joke, I’d say to people that act like you’re in a Black Baptist church and I tell them that. Hands and began to pray out and believe that something happening we need a black church. If you feel it, you don’t get it and that it’s really important to me. That’s just a lift of our hearts if you will lift up your hand and I want to pray that Unified prayer beginning with us today, Father in the name of Jesus. Let your mighty anointing rest upon your people. Great let there be a unifying spirit energy competition Pride is not going to manifest as the arching or overarching spirits in our land, but we’re going to see King Jesus rise up with revelation and resurrection power and we’re gonna see our God come he’s gonna break through the clouds for healing now. And he’s gonna come back again later at the end of this age to catch us all the way as the church, the power of God rain down in Jesus name. Amen. I wanna say one last thing I’ve seen the heart and compassion of the president and myself. I’ve been in the room and looked in his eyes. He is a man of integrity, a man of action. Of truth and in his moment of weakness, we’re going through a healing process we need to support. Thank you. Paula. Thank you for letting me share this moment of prayer. Amen. I think just I was looking at my family last night as we read the Bible, my little boy often reminds me to forget mom. We didn’t read our Bible tonight and that we’re gonna pray and my little girl that reminds me we gotta get on our knees and pray and the power of prayer that my family, it was taught from my grandfather, my grandmother and my parents and passing out of my generation to know Laura. I want you to know that this is just a small representation of homes. Families that are praying for your family um or We are so let us pray lord. We come to you tonight. God we are humbled that we can come to your feet and we can pray Lord. we just simply Reed of how fragile life is this year that this year of 2020 has ripped many of us to the core that it’s ripped us at the stitches of this mission, The Lord this year did not take you by surprise. You are not surprised by this year that you still sit on the throne and Lord we simply come to me and we pray for healing for our president. Yes. Repealing for the first lady lord that you it would be your breath in your lungs that heal them Lord that it would be we come to you and we ask that because we know you’re the great physician and how thankful we are for the doctors and the nurses that are caring for our president and our first lady, but also to all those who have been serving. Throughout this whole year on the front line serving in our hospitals, lord, we thank you for them. The lord we’re thankful for our present and we know when we look at the US president how lonely a position that that might be lord be especially during times and difficult times like this. how lonely it would be, But I pray that our president would know that he’s not truly alone that he can find refuge in you that he can find his. In you that he can find his and understanding that only comes from you Lord. I’m thankful for his precious family who has faithfully by his side to help him and to support him to serve the American people. How thankful we are for them and their service and God we remember that he is also just a man, Most importantly, he’s a husband. He’s a father. He’s a father in law. he’s a grandfather and we lift up his precious family that you would wrap your mighty arms of protection around them and lord. We also pray the same for the first lady, not very many women in this world know what it’s like to walk in those shoes as the first lady of the United States of America, Lord, we pray that it’s your tender arms and your loving touch that wrap around her tonight the heal her they embrace her embrace her that give wisdom and discernment to continue to lead us in the grace. And the grace fullness that she does Lord, we’re so thankful for her leadership and we pray for healing the lord. we pray for the families in this country that have they have suffered this year. Lord that many have lost loved ones, Lord and Lord. I’m thankful that I serve a god that does no suffering lord that you lost your son. your son, Jesus Christ died on that cross for the world, his arm stretched in the entire world to see to take the sins of the world onto him. That you are a God comfort that you are a god compassion and I for those who might be watching tonight that have been hurting Lord that this has been a difficult year that you wrap your mighty arms of compassion around them that they will find their hope in you. Lord. I pray that this is nation that will repent your words as over and over if the people were repent, Lord and I pray that this will be a nation that turns their eyes back on you and it’s like. Said as the king of jehoshaphat and times that he was so powerful, but there are times he felt powerless and hopeless, but lord he kept his eyes fixed on you and I pray tonight that our president and our first lady will continue to fix their eyes on you and that this will be a nation that fixes their eyes only on you because you are no politician, No Republican, No Democrat nobody can bring healing to this nation. Only you can lord we. There’s healing power in the name of Jesus, so I pray in the powerful name of Jesus. Amen. Amen. I also wanna say thank you Laura for hosting us better. Paula Thank you for leading so well uh just so appreciative of your leadership and so as we as I begin to pray, I wanna speak specifically to President Trump and say mister president you are very loved uh first lady. You are very loved Many are praying for you and II. just I believe that it certainly in my lifetime, you’re probably the most prayed for first couple uh in. History uh certainly in my lifetime, you are so um I wanna invite America and people around the world. please agree with us in prayer and let’s claim the promise that we’re two or more gathered in his name, he promises to be there and be with us. so let’s pray father. I ask right now in the strong name of Jesus that you would flood the very hospital room, the suite where President Trump is with your presence that you would send your holy angels there right now. Father I pray that. Give uh President Trump First Lady Melania a revelation of how much you love them Lord. We can tell them that we love them. We can tell them uh lord that they’re much loved the lord. We pray that in Jesus name right now you would give each of them and each member of their family all their loved ones a deeper understanding and a violation of how much you love them. We pray to the father. Of God would rest over them that you put your arms around them that your love is so real to them right now. Lord your words, said says in Luke 1113 you fathers being evil know how to give good gifts to your children. How much more will your heavenly father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask so I claim the scripture Luke 1113 for the first family now and I ask you father the name of Jesus to give them more of. Holy Spirit pour out your spirit over them fill them flood them with your presence even this day for you to give your spirit without measure. So we lay hold of that prompt of John 334 pour out your spirit in an unlimited way in their lives right now and so today is the church unite in prayer, We unite and come against Covid-nineteen and we rebuke co. Nineteen We say you cease and desist right now in the name of Jesus and we rest the progress of covid-nineteen in the body of President Trump and Melania Trump in every person around the world that is suffering from the scourge of virus Lord, we say put a stop to it. You can lord this is no hard thing for you. so we appeal to you in the strong name of Jesus that you’d bring healing to every. Every person suffering from this virus right now, specifically lord we lift up doctor Sean Connolly to you his team of doctors and nurses and the attendants and the staff and everyone that’s researching uh over him right now and attending to the president and to the first lady specifically that team we ask God give them unusual and supernatural wisdom from above flood them, insight and understanding in the care that. They need right now. Lord we pray for breakthroughs medical breakthroughs insightful breakthroughs and we pray for your favor to rest over that medical team at Walter Reed, right now right now, Lord let the team know of your presence right there that you are in fact, guiding their hands and lord. We also pray for all the researchers and all the pharmaceutical companies that are on the front lines in every front-line worker Lord for that matter, but specifically for the researchers, I pray that you’d give dreams. And insights and the keys that are needed to unlock the mysteries to put a stop in the end to this disease. I thank you for those researchers Lord and finally father, you are the God of Angel armies and we prayed lord you’d move those armies now around the world against this virus. We love you Lord and we trust in you. We put our hope and trust in nothing less in Jesus Christ Our lord for it is in his. Then that we pray believe these things loving and blessing the first family tonight. Amen. Amen. Thank you all so much and we’re so grateful for everyone who is watching right now and as we’ve said of two or three of us agree is touching anything on heaven and earth. It will be done in the name of Jesus, so it has been such a privilege and an honor to this first family specifically for our president and first lady is our pastor for almost 19 years now, so as we begin to pray, I want you to put your faith. I want you to know that the. God will not return void and we’re gonna lift up them and lift up you and your family right now as well. So father I come to you in the name, which is above every name the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, You said that your word and your name god that there is nothing greater than that you declared in Isaiah Chapter 5511 that if your word will not return void, it will not return empty but when we speak your word that would you spoken to that it will. It will advance it will break it will break out. We thank you right now that you spoke to a man that was sick and you said, Oh, you have to do is speak the word so God we speak your word. We thank you that your son Jesus Christ, who is not only crucified on an old rugged cross buried in a tomb, but he went to hell he descended and he got victory. He got victory over death. He got victory over how he got victory over the grave and he was not just. But he also forced stripes and reminded us at Isaiah Chapter fifty-three that by his stripes, we are healed the word of God declares declares that he was wounded for our transgressions. Bruce for iniquity the chassis of our peace upon him and with his stripes, we are healed so right now. President Trump. We love love First Lady Melania. We love you multitude of hundreds of millions even billions around this world. love you as I’ve spoken to people in Africa and. And all around the world that are praying for you right now I declare and decree healing to your body right now that every organ every tissue that every part of your body every fiber of your being will be healed by the blood of Jesus Christ right now because that is our covenant in Psalm 89, says that God will not alter his covenant or that which he has spoken out of this and the book of Peter, it says you were healed so we thank you for that and Ezekiel chapter. The baby girl that the day that she was born and laid dying in her own blood that says because she was not swaddled and she was not uh taken care of and God covered her with his wings of feather and he spoke one word the same word The Apostle Peter spoke when Dorcas, a widow who had done good by making garments, was laying on her death bed and the word of God was live. I speak life to you. President Trump. I speak a life for every organ. A long life you will live in long with satisfied life. You have a covenant with God. I speak a life to you. First lady We pray over every senator who has this right now. Senator Mike Lee Senator Tillis Senator Johnson. We speak over Kellyanne Conway. We speak over the campaign Manager Bill Steffi and we speak over Governor Christie We speak over Hope Hicks we speak over every person that I don’t know your name but knows your name. Knows what you’re suffering with whether it’s cancer, whether it’s leukemia whether it’s diabetes whether it’s whether it’s a cold, God cares about you and God is a healer and we speak the word of the lord to you like Jesus came to give life and life abundantly, according to John Chapter Ten verse ten. So let let a flood your body. Let life flood your mind. Let life let your soul right now. Let life flood your marriage. Let like your family. Let life your heart and your dreams and your souls right now for our God is a god of life he conquer. Telling the grave and the same spirit that raise Christ from the dead dwells in us as believers and that spirit is the spirit of resurrection, power and life, and this is our hope we when Paul said he was pressed beyond measure above and beyond his ability and capacity He hold why for the purpose was that we would not trust in our self, but we would trust in the Lord who has the power to raise from the dead. so God we put our trust and our hope in you. We thank you, you said that the command of your word we can release Angels angels right now. Bring Angels angels we message. Angels to President Trump to first lady to everyone that is involved every leader every governor every person every person in the heights of authority every pastor every husband every mother we speak the authority of God that you have the wisdom of God right now and the angels of the Lord will. You recording the Psalm chapter thirty-four, we put a head of protection and President Trump right now and a wall of fire, according to the book of Zachariah, we declare, according to Isaiah Chapter 54 that no weapon formed against them will be able to prosper and record any words because you remind us that Proverbs chapter eighteen there are there is a power of life and death and words so any words that have been spoken against him any word of death, any words. Any words out of witchcraft, any words that were not out of your heart for God is love so anything that is not love is not of you. God and we declare any word that has been spoken against President Trump against first lady against any person that is watching me right now we just overturn those because God says that he is love and we speak a lot of you. We speak love to you. We speak hope to you right now for anyone struggling with depression and anxiety any worries any stress in your heart and family in mind. Stressful times as many have said, but the Bible declares and these four six and seven let your request. let your anxieties and yours be made known to God and the peace of God, which passes all understanding keep it will guard your heart and mind through Christ Jesus God we just roll and cast our cares upon you right now and we thank you that you give us a supernatural peace. We thank you that you are our peace. We think we can have peace with God because of the finished work of Jesus. We thank you for the victory that you have given us and we are assured of this victory, according to first Corinthians Chapter 1557, it says. But thanks be unto God who have already given us victory through Christ Jesus now John 2228 says when we did a thing and declare a thing, it shall be established. so we stand on your word. God. I ask that you wrap your arms of love around every person right now That is hurting. I pray that you would do what only you can do not by might and. By power but by your precious spirit, we thank you that you are the creator of all things that you are the giver of life that we speak overflows and we thank you for a speedy recovery. We thank you for speedy testimony for you said that we were made overcomers by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony the evidence of God in our life and father, you even said you would cover this earth with the knowledge of your glory as the waters cover. See I know there are people watching right now and they don’t even know if you’re real but show yourself is real show me that you are a true god and that you care so much that you know the hairs on your head you care enough about us that you said that before we were ever formed in our mother’s womb that you would ordained us, according to Jeremiah one five, you declared, according to Jeremiah Twenty-nine that you know the plan that you have for us and they are. To prosper us and not to harm us and not to do us evil to let people know that we can go through tough times tough times don’t last God that you are the God that allows us to learn allows us to see that if we stand upon the rock, which is you lord that that that we will not be on sinking sand and we thank you that your god of restoration that you’re god that takes what is broken and you bring. You bring beauty out of ashes, so we just thank you for bringing beauty to our nation for bringing beauty to this world for bringing beauty to your son, Jesus Christ and we thank you as we secured the purpose of President Trump, a first lady, we secured the purpose of of of the Trump family right now and as a pastor I spiritual authority that you have given me Lord to secure them by the superior Blood of Jesus Christ and. Pray over every person right now watching and I thank you that you love them that you show them your voice that you show them their mercy and that you you stretch out outstretched hand, according to Psalm chapter 90.8 God that you will stretch your hand out and with your right hand, you will see victory and we will see power You are faithful God and we give you all the praise and all the glory in Jesus. Mighty Name. Amen. Amen Lord We love you and we thank you for this opportunity to put together and we love the Trump family way over Ivanka and Jared and Tiffany and Barron and you and Eric and Don Junior and Kimberly and everyone else and we just thank you for your service. We thank you for everything we’ve done and we just think this world in this nation for coming together. We thank you for the civility and the humanity of caring for the Bible says. So clearly that you cannot say you love God and hate your brother that bitter waters and sweet waters cannot flow out of the same fountain. If there’s any winning or fence or hurt in your heart, give it over to God. He’s a forgiving God. He’s a loving god and he will heal you just as he’s healing this land and President Trump I cannot wait to see you soon We’ve got a lot of things to do for the good of all people. Well, thank you to everybody. Thank you uh to all of the incredible leaders with us tonight and thank you to everyone at home for your prayers and your well wishes um the president and the first lady you feel them and they appreciate them and as an entire family, Thank you to everyone out there. Thanks for tuning in tonight. That’s it first. We’ll see you on the next team Trump online.

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