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Election Day 2020: ASTRO ALERT

Why am I so mesmerized by astrology? It’s not that I’m so satisfied by that astro-eccentric New Age thinking. It’s not that I want to direct my life by the stars, either. It’s the eerie synchronicity that keeps getting my attention. It’s the pseudoscience that makes great sense to me.Astrology uses significant coincidences(synchronicity)in between planetary motions and their elements to understand, analyze, and typically forecast present events and practices. Furthermore, a knowledgeable astrologist can also light up such elements with remarkably precise projections. Yeah, it’s odd. But so often it calls true.Latest case in point? November 3, 2020: America’s Election Day.Just read what Astrologist Pam Ciampi composed in her” Summary of 2020,”from the 2020 Weekly Projections of Llewellyn’s 2020 Daily Planetary Guide:”Election Intrigue This year, November 3 marks the most important day of the week, the month, and perhaps the year. That’s since it’s the United States governmental election
day and similarly the day that Mercury(planet of interactions and voting)is established to come to a grinding halt(station direct)in Libra. On previous election days when Mercury was in a stall and preparing yourself to “change” instructions, it brought snags, problems, and interaction issues to the election process.The most exceptional time was Election Day 2000, when Mercury stationed retrograde in the last degree of Libra. The outcome of that day caused

the popular”hanging chads “and Al Gore’s loss to George W. Bush. If we fast-forward to 2020, Mercury is fixed in Libra once again on Election Day. The only distinction is that in 2000 Mercury was at a standstill and retrograde, and in 2020 Mercury is at a dead stop and direct.This is why November 3 this year is anticipated to trigger technical issues that will impact the voting procedure and possibly disrupt the whole web. Besides being at a grinding halt
, Mercury is likewise squaring 3 of the external worlds that manage social and monetary power. A Mercury-Pluto square suggests extreme or ruthless methods, a Mercury-Saturn square brings rigid thinking and interaction troubles that might include the law, and a Mercury-Jupiter square represents wild decors and mistakes in judgement. All in all, November 3 may be a real Election Day mess. Stay tuned to see how it plays out.”Hmm. Mercury … Here comes another synchronistic footnote. Mercury is the world that”guidelines”the Sun indications of both Virgo and Gemini. Think who has his natal Sun in Gemini? Donald J. Trump. So if there’s any mischief upcoming, POTUS 45

will most likely play a huge function in this”Election Day mess. “Notification I mentioned “probably?” That’s since astrology deal with synchronicity and indirect propensities– not with direct cause-and-effect. And yet, so usually it can pick up the zeitgeist that’s been long ignored.Here’s yet another odd coincidence. When ABC’s George Stephanoupoulos asked Speaker Pelosi about her choices on delaying (or stopping )the Senate from voting on a brand-new SCOTUS before election day, Pelosi provided this reaction: “We have arrows in our quiver that I’m not prepared to talk about today, however the truth is, we have a big challenge in our nation. “Think what Joe Biden’s Sun sign is … Sagittarius, The Archer. Hmm.And hi, I’m not a specialist astrologist. I’m not even searching for coincidences, no matter how substantial they seem to be. I’m simply sharingthem here for scholastic and useful purposes. So whether you think in these mystical ramblings, you can’t genuinely neglect them all,

either.But wait simply a minute, you might state. Anyone can turn up with a”probably.

“Anyone might have informed you what Ciampi made up, specifically now. Especially now considered that the pandemic has actually needed a great deal of citizens to vote by mail. Specifically now thinking about that the new Postmaster General Louis DeJoy has in fact impaired pick-up and delivery of mail service.Sure, anyone could have told you or me that. But nobody did. That’s due to the truth that no one had the information in making up when Pam Ciampi did. Her timeline for astrological projections was approach ahead of yours and mine, dear readers.You see, every year Llewellyn Publications provides their yearly planetary manuals before the year really begins. So I got my 2020 guide last fall, in 2019. So Ms. Ciampi required to compose her forecasts in 2019 or earlier– much earlier than the publication date and circulation time of these 2020 guidebooks.She wrote her forecast about our country’s upcoming” Election Intrigue”method before 2020 began. BEFORE the COVID pandemic began. PRIOR TO the United States economy tanked.BEFORE Louis DeJoy was picked, then ratified

, to head the USPS. Even PRIOR TO Trump started his major propaganda re-election project of honestly linking the Democrats of”rigging the election.”I ‘d even specify Ms. Ciampi most likely composed her forecast PRIOR TO Trump began honestly stating he ought to get another term even if of the bad technique he’s been handled because he wound up being President.However that’s simply my

individual viewpoint. Who can stay up to date with this person in the Oval Office and all his unforeseen tweets and fascist proclamations?I try, I genuinely do try. Nevertheless it’s gotten to the point where astrologers appear more reliable and relied on than POTUS 45, does not it?What’s actually so strange here is that Trump himself has likewise had an interest in magical things like astrology, numerology, and feng shui– Yes! Feng shui! As long as it helps him and makes him look good, he’s into it.See for yourselves, dear readers. Go back to media records for the 1990’s and take a look at how enthusiastic Trump had to do with feng shui (Ancient Chinese Art of Positioning ). In truth, he credited feng shui for helping him with among his numerous monetary”returns. “He raved about how it”really works. “Then after he got chosen President in 2016, he disavowed all understanding of his actions (as they utilized to state on” Objective: Difficult.” )Although reporters were attempting to track down his former feng shui experts for interviews, they might not discover them anywhere. Trump’s geomancers were no place to be seen. Report had it that he ‘d intimidated his former”workers”from talking to journalism and somehow got them sequestered from public view. Nevertheless that’s just gossip … or is it?Like the majority of his”employees” who used to work for him, the feng shui experts got discarded when The Donald chose that his”employee “were of no more use to him.And that method of termination is a lot scarier than a liar in the White Home whose election (or failure )may be prepared for by an astrologer.Never would I have guessed that an astrologist’s forecast would have more precision than the words and deeds of The President of The United States of America … However nowadays, we do reside in strange times– and they’ve gotten weirder considering that Trump got elected.From what I have really taken a look at, however, heaven Moon at the very end of this month is going to be one wild and crazy October Surprise for everyone to remember. Specifically Trump. As a Gemini with a Leo ascendant, he’s going to have disruptive Uranus in Taurus conjunct the moon on the Midheaven of his chart. That’s going to remain in opposition to Scorpio, the ruler of his 4th House of Family and House. So besides fighting Covid-19, POTUS 45 is most likely going to withstand shake-ups in his family, in addition to shocks involving his public image.Besides, with Saturn moving into Aquarius this December, his health difficulties will be far from over.If he’s fortunate enough to get re-elected, he’s most likely not going to be fortunate sufficient to completely serve out his second regard to office.Or, so astrology might forecast … Anyhow, if Kellyanne

Conway and Mark Meadows and Kayleigh McEnany can keep changing, withholding, then rejecting their information all the time, can we actually keep pooh-poohing astrology?

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