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President Trump’s in the history of our. Fighting for you and I love doing it with. And I will never ever we are one people one. We will make America great again. Welcome. To team Trump. I’m for reelection to keep jobs at home to put violent criminals behind bars and to ensure the future belongs to America, not to China and other countries if by wins, China wins, it’s as simple as that if we win America wins, you know that you see that we built the greatest economy in the history of the world and now we are very simply. we’re doing it again and we’re on track to have the best year we’ve ever. Next year and I’ve spent the last 4 years bringing jobs back to our country. We’ve never had so many jobs ever forget they’re coming after me because I’m fighting for you. And they know my policies will lift America to new heights of national greatness like we’ve never seen before. Make America Great again. Good evening everyone I Latinos for Trump online. I’m Mercedes shop senior Adviser for Strategic Communications for the Trump campaign and guess what we’ve got 48 days before the election ends and we gotta make sure President Trump gets reelected now remember please be sure to like and share this broadcast with your friends and family. It’s a great way for them to learn what’s happening here at the campaign as we get closer. Election Day, But I’m really excited uh to be joined today with Pam Kirby, Arizona Republican Party vice chair and be Cabrera Morris, a member of the Latino for Trump Advisory Board. Thank you ladies for joining me so thank you for having us right. Well. I mean you all are feeling this great excitement. I I’m sure with the president of he’s traveling like non stop uh he’s been doing. His West state swing, I shouldn’t say West wing although he is in the West wing this evening but uh right now what we’re looking at is he’s gone to California to go, visit and see what is happening with the wildfires and get an update there he was in Nevada where he had two amazing events uh with a thousands of of people showing up the enthusiasm just great in the state of Nevada and then he uh was in Arizona and. I know you had the honor of joining the president uh yesterday at the round table in Arizona share with us uh that experience being there and what the president uh spoke about and what you spoke about as well during the event great um well first Mercedes. Thank you so much for having me here this evening. um it’s a real pleasure and honor to be with all of you uh but yes, the president came to Arizona yesterday for the fifth time. And uh to have a round table with Latinos, community leaders um from the state of Arizona and there were twelve of us and I’m about 600 of our closest friends who came out to support and so it was as much of a rally as it was a round table um but we had the opportunity to converse with the president we had elected on the panel a um major league baseball owner small business owners um law enforcement um. Veterans we had a very wide range of guests and we covered it all topics from uh. immigration to PP loans um police and uh my personal favorite and passion was education and so I shared with the so I shared with the president with the education landscape looks like in Arizona and um while Arizona is a leader um a national leader. Choice we have over 80% of our ktwelve public students are still enrolled in public district schools and almost half of them are Latino and so we’ve had a lot of work to do around school choice. Well, that’s uh you know I know we were talking. I had the great honor of being with Pam in our big pink women for Trump bus tour. We went all around Arizona. I got to tell you the the the response and the uh the enthusiasm for the president, The fact that so many people are. Day in and day out to help the president get reelected was just it was incredible. It was an incredible experience and you’re right uh Pam. I think one of the big issues here with school choice is we know that Joe Biden stands on the side of these teachers unions many of these teachers unions who have been responsible for keeping our schools shut down where our children are the ones that are suffering. They’re the ones that are having this horrible anxiety and stress because of the shutdowns and we know there’s a way to reopen this. Uh safely uh but let me turn to you. You were recently with Eric Trump in Florida. Let me tell you this is a big phenomenon, not only as the president on the road. We know the vice presidents on the road. he was just in Montana and then we’ve got the family, the first family and Eric Trump has also been nonstop talking about the president’s record of accomplishments also honing in on Joe Biden and why he is such a weak candidate. US through about support and enthusiasm enthusiasm you are seeing for President Trump in the ground states uh battleground states like Florida Mercy, I have never in my political life seen anything like this. It is um in the waterway the smaller the boat the more plaques they have um on the street on the I-4 quarter, which is so important to us to win. they had a caravan with thousands of cars with the flags on. yeah, it is I think truly. Remarkable to see and I’d love to see a you know a Joe Biden boat parade, but I only think you might get a new or maybe you know a kayak down the waterways as opposed to what we’re seeing with President Trump and I do agree with you. I mean we’ve been in politics for a long time. Pam you as well. uh I’ve never seen a response like this coming out for President Trump and I think it’s because uh Latinos are feeling that we have a commitment that we have to stay focused on saving America. And saving the American dream and Pam, I wanna turn to you here so we’re already starting to see President Trump rise in the polls among Latino voters in key states. Why do you think that’s happening? and let’s remember that Democrats always say that Latinos are our voters they vote for our party uh but we’re seeing Joe Biden struggling in that area. Why do you think Latino voters are turning towards uh the president and supporting him uh this time around. It That’s simple. um the Democrats have taken the Latino voter for granted. It’s a simple as that and um the president of like I said he’s been to Arizona five times he is coming out. He is listening to us, he has invested in Arizona three um and three community centers and being Tucson and Yuma and not just um and when I say Phoenix it is in a deep blue geography in Phoenix and just just in the last nine. Days we have recruited over 1100 volunteers. Yeah and Pam, you know we’ve reached that marker of 2000000 volunteers and all of you are watching this program by all we need your help. so we definitely want you to join the army for Trump. How many volunteers did you all recruit? I remember we were talking about this number when I was out in Arizona, how many volunteers are have joined the movement in Arizona and are gonna be working to get this president elected we have over 43. Zero zero volunteers and we have made today over 4.1000000 voter contacts. It’s it’s remarkable and that’s just in Arizona alone and let me tell you something Pam and I had the great honor also spending time with Senator Martha Mcsally obviously a strong ally of the president and all of you out there in Arizona, please get out mcsally reelected. I mean we know that Mark Kelly her opponent would just be a puppet for Chuck Schumer. And the radical left uh he is not a moderate and it’s very important to make sure we get that vote out as well. Let me turn to you. We know the economy that we saw this great jobs report last month 1.4000000 jobs and we’ve added a record-setting 10.6000000 jobs since May and that’s because we have a president who understands this economy and what it takes to make sure that we can rebuild even the even though we’re going through. Pandemic So let me ask you where Dea while the president is rebuilding a strong economy. Why is Joe Biden and his economic policies? a huge danger to ruining small businesses in our nation? well as you know, first of all they have impressed any attention to our small businesses, you know um our country is made out of that. uh what President Trump did during this pandemic with the small business and I know because I work closely with this. Business administration I’m on board. I know that they that we put a great effort into the small business side of our country and with Hispanics are very much in tune with that we have say they have saved millions of businesses that would have gone under otherwise um the other thing that really is darling to me that people don’t understand is that I don’t think Jovan has ever had a job. I mean he’s been in the Senate for 43 years, He doesn’t know what it takes uh to. A paycheck when you don’t have the money and to make that effort and what it takes to sweat it when you don’t have, you don’t know how you’re gonna make your money tomorrow. He doesn’t understand that come out of Harris. Okay, we call her here. Kamala Harris Lala Hey, I love it I don’t know but I don’t. I wanna see a plan that helps me as a small business um my husband our community uh so I you know, I think that’s the biggest deal you know the increase in taxes is I mean, he said it. It’s not that we said it. he said that if he was elected the taxes will increase, but who wants that you know we want to do We wanna just work and we wanna have a place where we’re safe II agree as a mom of five as well and I know Pam has beautiful three beautiful daughters. Uh you know safety. I think. A critical component in this election this idea that we want our safe communities. We don’t wanna see these riots. We don’t wanna see this violence that it took forever for Joe Biden to condemn but let me get this reaction from both of you. Um let’s play this clip before the China virus came in, We achieved the the lowest Hispanic American unemployment rate ever recorded ever not even close. Over 600000, Hispanic Americans were lifted out of poverty in that short period of time. That’s a record we all records Hispanic American ownership home ownership reached an all-time high and that includes Artie’s home Okay, that includes the whole okay that must be a nice home. I wanna see that but it’s the highest uh home ownership uh ever in the history of our country for Hispanic American, we built the greatest economy in history and now we’re doing it again. So it’s called make America great again and I say make America great again and again so make a. A great again and again Pam let’s start with you your reaction. sure well, that was from our round table yesterday in Arizona and you heard a little bit of the crowd’s reaction, but you didn’t hear the end where the crowd went wild and it’s absolutely true um as has been stated before Latinos are seeing the lowest unemployment rate and lowest poverty rate in the history of of the United States and that is. To the leadership and the commitment to the all Americans of uh President Trump Vera let me ask you when you are talking to people who are on the fence, the people that are I don’t know you know I don’t. I don’t know if I really like the president’s tweets or there’s there is to what do you tell them How do you get them to say we gotta get Donald Trump into office, You know Mercy. I believe that um most Hispanics um even if they might. Charcoal a little bit about the president’s tweets at the end of it has to do with the economy, the president has given in our area. the majority of the Hispanic community is Puerto Rican and he gave Puerto Rico $50000000000 with AB to um change what happened after Maria and after the earthquakes uh he named uh rear Admiral, which I met with last week to make sure that a lot of what is happening in Puerto Rico happens right now there are. Five 500 contracts a month to reveal so there’s no blue tarps left so people are employed today. I read in the paper people are moving by back to Puerto Rico. You know why because that engine is beginning to start that engine that uh was on hold because the political troubles they had are pressed took over and as a leader has made it so much better. Yeah, I agree it’s common sense solutions. He’s also talked about bringing pharmaceutical companies back to the island in Puerto Rico. Uh so you know that. The president’s committed to not outsourcing jobs to China, like Joe Biden wants to do but bringing jobs back to America so one of the biggest contrast between President Trump and Joe Biden is huge enthusiasm gap Uh team Trump has both parades as we talked about earlier, but I mentioned, but Joe Biden has this watch this clip. So you all have seen some of these videos go viral with the Latinos and their caravans and Miami and in Orlando and all these different places that clip clearly shows that Joe Biden’s Havana is more of a sleeper. I mean you’re talking about what’s out there right now and trying to show up and back Joe Biden no enthusiasm there ladies but let me get your final thoughts. Real briefly Pam I’ll start with you What do we need to do to get this President Reelected in November? You know with the Latinos, it’s simply just getting our message out and um and we are doing that as I said earlier in Arizona, uh is unprecedented the enthusiasm with Latino community that we’re seeing for President Trump and I couldn’t be more excited. Um you know I’ve been uh as a Latin I’ve been registered Republican in my entire life and I have never felt more connected more valued by the Republican Party than I do today under the leadership of President Trump. Ter mercy I agree with Pam um I think we need to continue to tell the story you know I came to this country with thirty pounds of clothes and I’m here because of the you know the American dream and I don’t want that American dream to go away because some crazy people uh wanted all the only to be socialist well, both of you. Thank you so much for all the great work you all do Pam as you mentioned early voting starts in Arizona soon in Florida. early voting also starts so vote early. Let’s get these ballots in uh so that we’re ready to go come November 3rd. We’ll be right back after the short commercial break and we’ve got two more spectacular guests joining us so stay with us. Joe Biden has embraced the policies of the radical left trillions in new taxes crushing middle class families. if you’re like me, your taxes are gonna be raised not cut amnesty for 11000000 illegal immigrants citizenship for 1199 undocumented folks. Reducing police funding yes, absolutely the radical left has taken over Joe Biden and the Democratic Party don’t let them take over America. I’m Donald J Trump and I approve this message a bull in a China shop changing Washington. It takes a Donald Trump to demand truth from China shut down for travel, get ventilators and and tests raise unemployment benefits cash relief to families. Washington’s come to. President Trump’s noise polite mister nice guy won’t cut it, He doesn’t his way, not the Washington way, but Donald Trump gets it done. I’m Donald J Trump and I approve this message welcome back to Latinos for Trump. I’m Mercedes shop and I’m joined by Leo Valentin US House Republican candidate for Florida District Seven and Pastor Rafael Moca. Thank you both for joining me. Thank you. Thank you for having us. Leo Let me start with. You are running for Congress in Florida and let me tell you something. I’m so excited about that race. So why did you decide to choose to run for office? Sure so first of all III, the real divide in this country? It’s not party affiliation. It’s really hardworking Americans between the Washington Elite, the So-called DC swamp, and I believe in economic opportunity and a level playing field, and that’s why I decided to run for office because we need to fight. Individual liberty and making sure our children have the same if not better opportunities than what we have. That’s fantastic. Oh, the Democrats and Joe Biden have gone way too far left. What do you tell your voters in your districts about the Democrats and Joe Biden’s radical policies? Well, I tell them to to really see what the foundation of that policy uh that they promote is and they really promoting this either big government or socialist policies and they’re really uh. The hardworking Americans that need not only to be safe in their communities, but they need to be able to prosper in this small businesses and they want to protect their small businesses as well as their lives and Livelihoods II. tell them to look at that and what those policies and promoting violence across the country is going to do to our communities and I think you know people know and they’re receptive to that decision and I think that’s why uh President Trump is doing so well in Florida. That’s right. We know that President Trump has been a strong defender of religious freedoms. Can you explain why President Trump is the right person for this time? How he’s been a champion for religious liberties both here in America and around the globe? Yes uh President Trump uh is putting in to 8 years of Obama or persecution to release freedom. Uh these are also the church uh we feel the difference in the atmosphere when you’re talking about churches when you talk about this spiritual. You gotta be discerning the spirit and it’s not an atmosphere change after you know, Obama went out from the President. Trump take the president uh he defends the freedom uh of the churches and now that the kids can speak really, you know in a schools he is working. You know too many things uh to get uh the kids to get educated in the Bible in the values and the principles and our. Really important for us, you know we appreciate every day to get a better nation to get a better family. You know to get a nation is strong in God, he god we can do things without God. We don’t we are loosing everything and President Trump is uh strongly friend of the churches of the religious freedom he put in to the 8 years of Obama, you know preventing to the churches and religious uh organizations to get funds from. And there’s too many things behind the scenes that the people think it’s only one thing is too many things you know and the President, Trump is a really hard work for church for freedom and for our family. Yeah, that’s right and I have to say even during this Corona virus pandemic what we saw with President Trump is that he said churches are essential and they need to open up. We need that spiritual strength to get through these difficult times. I know for me, my faith is so important to me and my family and uh we need. Is open it’s an opportunity to be together as a community to pray to God uh for uh basically for our nation and for this president. but now we’re starting Hispanic Heritage Month so on the campaign uh we’re pleased to honor the contributions of millions of Hispanic Americans who have helped make our country the greatest on Earth. Leo can you speak to why President Trump and the Republican Party best represents the interest of Hispanic Americans and their families? Well, This is a great. I think we all recognize that for too long Democrats have taken the Hispanic community and the Hispanic vote for granted. uh I think President Trump’s economic policies in creating the most inclusive economy in the history of our country speak for themselves the opportunity for Hispanic families that want to work hard and achieve their American dream it we’re working towards that that progress and that’s what President Trump has done on. uh you know my family like so many other families uh. Moving to New York, or moving to Florida or moving across our our history uh coming from Puerto Rico. uh they moved here for economic opportunity and we need to realize that central uh to achieving the American dream and that’s what we’re fighting to accomplish. Uh that’s excellent. and now we can’t agree even more. I mean you you have such common sense policies on this and and why you’re fighting to ensure that you can get to Congress, which I will definitely. For that and we wanna see you join the House of Representatives, especially when we got a kick Nancy Pelosi out so she can go to her hair at the hair Salon in San Francisco but past Moka, let me ask you Joe Biden claims to be a Catholic, but we see his policies don’t line up with his faith. in fact, what we’ve seen from the Democrat Party they’ve become extreme, especially especially on the of abortion and also taking God out of the pledge of allegiance. They are several of their Democrat members did at the Democratic National Convention. Why should we be so concerned about abiding presidency and their extreme agenda is a really good and important question uh as a Christians we go we go by. Because you cannot say you are because you are currently and a angels that are considered Christians I’ll say I’m a I’m a Christian and you go against the bible, You know our book of life is the Bible and he’s you know abortion. You gotta say you love Jesus. This is love and then you you prove a lot to kill to to to kill the the the The kids. The babies is. it’s not good. It’s not it’s not. Go to the right thing Is you gotta say you are a priest and you’re going against this one don’t use too many things a president promise me you know order now with the Christian faith with the belief. uh you gotta say you have something and you go against that. The thing that you say you are if you know and II think you know everyone can say why you wanna say, but it’s not about your words. you have about what you show them the people it is. Of life and uh you need to need to these are the these a Christian. He’s just doing something to take both from the people but at the end he’s gonna against Christians against the Bible against the principles and the belief and uh we got it, You know Awake in that area in the past or reason today is not about you. You say, I’m gonna be this candidate candidate. It’s about what is your faith? What I speak. And tell them what is, according to the Bible. It’s a principles. I don’t go, you know, stay silent because we’re a church. It’s not about saying I won’t withdraw. I’ll buy them. It’s about the bible the preach about the Bible, but I talked to people. What is it true about the candidates and what they support you And that’s so true Pastor and we know uh for the people of faith they wanna be able to worship freely and that’s something that the president feels very strongly that we need to protect our right to worship freely uh and that’s something that we see as the Democrats and Joe. Threatening that uh with what their thoughts and their beliefs are uh here in America, where it’s about more government control, but let’s play a clip from one of the president’s round tables where he participated in Nevada with a group of Latinos, Joe Biden has spent 47 years betraying the Hispanic American community totally sending their jobs to China, raising taxes on their families and small businesses making their communities less safe attacking. Values and their children and failing government schools, he’s totally opposed to school choice. He’s totally opposed to charter schools. everything that you stand for he’s uh he’s gonna shred the second amendment, something very important to Hispanic Americans. also Second Amendment life very important. He’s opposed to so many things and now all of a sudden he’s saying, Gee uh no I can live with this. I can live like fracking. He’s totally reversed himself on fracking uh which. You just I don’t think you can do that. I mean, maybe a politician can do that. but I can’t imagine you go through a whole primary system and you’re against fracking and all of a sudden it comes out in favor of fact, but he’s not in favor of you instead of wavering because now they left hit him very hard And so now he’s sort of doesn’t know what he’s doing. He’s in. He’s in his basement right now and he’s saying what do I do? Yes? Joe Biden isn’t his basement. He doesn’t come out too many times and we know President Trump is just out on the road 24/7. Let me ask you uh pastor Moka. Let me start with you. Joe Biden. Why is he the wrong choice for Puerto Ricans? Well? does it the same the same for uh you say one thing when he’s in the cameras and we don’t have walls and they did do in the battle of the people the opposite they say they love their Latinos who they you know Simon laws against the Latinos. You know he’s a dangerous for his Spanish people because they are they’re not real people. Looking for boats, but after that they do against the Latino people, there’s nobody that person from too many things you know you support the Latino people or Hispanic people and we gotta be aware of that. This is all about what I can say you know in the valleys and then get the balls and then do the opposite in the back. That’s what we are hypocrite. You know, it’s not good. You know we need a president who support our you know our uh Hispanic people. Go what he said in the comment where he said you know in the campaign he do it after that. he’s not doing it say something I’m doing the opposite. I think that the the job is you know desperate you’re looking for boats for the young people and then uh uh at the same house uh and the past 8 years they do the opposite thing. you know they’re looking for boats. They’re looking for the support of Latino people. That’s twenty people like President Trump doing Leo your thoughts. Is Joe Biden in the for Puerto Ricans. So for me, this is a very important question because we need we need to realize that Puerto Ricans Americans are tired of big government uh they want to achieve their American dream and we cannot do that with regulation after regulation or socialist agenda, we need to do that that with empowering our economies and opportunities and President Trump has been consistent delivering on his message and his campaign promises and that’s important. We can have a career politician like Joe Bid. Who is in government for 47 years that level of disconnect Puerto Ricans are tired of that Puerto Rican Americans in my district and Puerto Rican Americans in Puerto Rico are tired of big government, so we need to strive for more liberty and more economic prosperity, and I think President Trump is doing just that that’s great, freedom and opportunity The two key ingredients we need here in America is something that we know President Trump will stand for and we know Leo you yourself as a. Candidate We need to get you to the finish line uh but before I get your final thoughts, there’s a couple of things. I need you all to do. We need you all listening and watching to join our efforts in November. How can you get involved? Super easy as always be sure to text Trump to 802 great way to get information on what’s happening at the campaign figure out what events are coming to your uh to your city or town uh. The Trump 2020 app for the App Store today available for the iphone and Android. If you or your friends wanna get involved to reelect President Trump go to army for Sign up. We need your help guys. it’s 48 days left before this election and I’m so excited I’ll be in Florida uh pretty much the rest of this week uh for the women for Chop bus tour, we are going all over the state meeting with our great Patriot women who are working hard. Get the President reelected so before we end the show, it’s been such a great show. uh what message would you like to leave the American people with Leo will start with you? why I think we need to focus on our our path forward. We have a great opportunity to rebuild the greatest economy in our history uh and we can do that under President Trump’s leadership. we’ve been led in the right direction and we’ll continue to work hard alongside him so that all Americans can achieve their American dream. Their families and their children so thank you very much for having me and it’s been a true pleasure and pastor. why don’t you close this off with a quick prayer? uh for all of those uh watching right now? Okay. Thank you for the opportunity. Uh we pray for president uh for his family and for every person who’s gonna be voting in this election to pray for wisdom to pray for your covering as a nation, We pray that you help President Trump the four more years in the presidency and working hard for the religious working hard to get God in our nation and not taking God out of our nation. Pray for our nation to be here now for everybody in this beautiful land and we pray that wisdom is over our present his family and over all in the name of Jesus, we pray Amen. Amen. Leo Thank you so much Leo real quickly Where do people go if they wanna learn more about what you’re doing and your campaign. So we’re at Leo and we’re also doctor Leo Valentino Facebook. We’re posting all our events there and you can find more information at our website. Well, thank you so much. It’s such a pleasure and honor to be with this wonderful guests this evening. Thank you all for watching God bless you. God bless our great president and God bless America. Thank you. God bless.

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